Clémence et Bruno’s home— 180m2

Paris 16e, 2016

Myself, April 2018
Belle, Australie, November 2018
The times magazine, March 2018
Vogue Russie, 2018
AD Russie, July 2017

For more than 18 years, Bruno and Clémence had been living in this beautiful 180 m2 Parisian flat without ever having found the time to redo the work, either to adapt it to the needs of the family, which had seriously grown, or to readjust it to their tastes: a crucial lack of cupboards, the organisation of the children’s bedroom in need of review, a bathroom that had withstood the attacks of several bouts of water damage, and a patina of time that was taking hold. And then, one day, the desire to revive the décor, to scare ourselves with strange colours, to have fun with artists’ pieces, to have fun letting books invade the walls, to adjust the house to the desires and needs of the moment for a new slice of life

Photos © Stephan Julliard