For more than 18 years, Bruno and Clémence had been living in this beautiful 180 m2 Parisian flat without ever having found the time to redo the work, either to adapt it to the needs of the family, which had seriously grown, or to readjust it to their tastes: a crucial lack of cupboards, the organisation of the children’s bedroom in need of review, a bathroom that had withstood the attacks of several bouts of water damage, and a patina of time that was taking hold. And then, one day, the desire to revive the décor, to scare ourselves with strange colours, to have fun with artists’ pieces, to have fun letting books invade the walls, to adjust the house to the desires and needs of the moment for a new slice of life.

We didn’t really modify the flat but we gave it a new cut and a characterful outfit. The specificity of this flat is the reflection of Bruno and Clémence’s personalities: dark and daring colours in some rooms and light, more luminous colours in others. It’s a bit like the moon and the sun coming together. Bruno is a true literary man who likes to surround himself with his books and who gives pride of place to the fantastic, the imaginary and the extravagant, with a touch of the baroque. The dark, deep colours suit her well. Clémence is more refined in her choices, with a taste for the contemporary, the ray of sunshine that illuminates the room and the laughter of children. Soft coloured rooms suit her better.

In this interior, we have brought together very different sensibilities that draw their strength precisely from the acceptance and mutual respect of each other’s singularity.

The walls tell emotions through paintings, photos, collages and books that emerge from the walls like ghosts inhabiting the place, and the family furniture does not allow itself to be locked in a world turned towards the past: it rubs shoulders with design classics, ethnic finds and favourites brought back from travels to invent a sensitive personal universe, outside the boundaries of time.