For Souria, Pierre and the children, a seemingly simple project: to dress up the flat with colours, to let Souria’s fantasy burst forth and help her find the palette of her emotions in a colourful journey: an Indian pink for the bedroom, a China blue for the living room and bathroom, a green/opal coast blue for the kitchen, a Persian yellow and a Prussian blue for the bedroom, an overseas blue for the boys’ bedroom. The whole tempered by a two-tone cloud of grey and a black with slate reflections to add a celestial and mineral touch of gravity.
In the boys’ room, Mondrian’s spirit blows, joyful and structured. The kitchen is dressed in an industrial touch with its glass roof but it is out of the question to bend to the diktat of black and white, colour breaks the codes and marks the space to differentiate it from the entrance. In the living room, a little more neutrality with soft colours, just a wall that allows itself a blue on the clear horizon to better respond to the 4 windows that let the Parisian sky in. The parents’ bedroom allows itself a pink which slams for tonic awakenings.
The bathroom has also been redesigned to better adapt to family life in a spirit that is at once classic but mixed with a hint of baroque: Parisian metro tiles with geometric patterns on the cement tiles of the floor in an Art Deco spirit, a wallpaper window that opens onto an oriental landscape. Shake it all up and you will have a small bathroom that offers the luxury and fantasy of the big ones.
Then comes the layout of the space to soften everyday life: a large library for art books, hanging gardens on the window sills, choice of light fixtures and furniture, attention to detail with the choice of switches and mouldings?
Souria and Pierre’s flat loves colour, life and freedom!