When K+D asked me to help them restore this place, my first reaction was to refuse. How can I find my place in a world as unique and personal as theirs? They had too much talent and personality for me to be able to find my place and express myself freely! And I was too scared of damaging our old friendship. I thought I would be more effective by giving them some friendly advice and useful addresses. But they didn’t let go and insisted until I accepted. I thank them for having had this perseverance and for having given me my freedom to give life back to the M. It was a year under the sign of sharing and friendship with the result of a joyful telescoping between our sensitivities and our tastes.
Overlooking the forest, with its austere and spectacular architecture, in the manner of Noah’s Ark, the manor house seemed to be waiting for Beauty and the Beast with all her strange little people to navigate towards new adventures. Everything was there for the beginning of a fantastic story.
This is how the spirit of the place naturally and spontaneously took shape: the colours were inspired by the surrounding nature (the earth, the forest, the sky). The old furniture found on the spot was painted in the colour of the walls to give them the impression of escaping from it, then came the furniture found by Olivier and Florence in a previous life, and those offered by a famous Asian client.
An eclectic mix of style and origin that gives the whole an atmosphere out of time and classical codes. The kitchen and bathrooms keep the little touch of nostalgia that reminds us of our childhood homes but with that touch of modernity and comfort that makes them offbeat. And then came the inhabitants of the fantastic house: spiders in the shape of chandeliers hanging in the living rooms, cats in the shape of lamps, skulls or dogs in the shape of baffles, real dogs (Violette and Chico) and fakes spread out on carpets and many other strange creatures under the benevolent eyes of Beauty and the Beast.