Living between Reunion Island and Paris requires certain arrangements. Jeremy and Julien bought this 25 m2 pied-à-terre to have a Parisian refuge when they leave their Reunion Island paradise. How do you go from a house in a tropical garden to a small Parisian duplex?
By betting on transforming this 25 m2 into a real flat that is easy to live in, where the small size is not an obstacle to breathing but, on the contrary, a way to get to the essentials. Playing with volumes and transparency by partitioning while allowing both the eye and the light to circulate, gaining a room in the attic, taking particular care of the smallest details, giving softness, charm and a warm atmosphere to this duplex nestling under the roofs of the Marais, proving that « small » can be « big » by giving it an invaluable dimension.
The different spaces have been designed to give rhythm to everyday life and to take full advantage of the windows that let in a sample of the Parisian sky. The landing turns into a small, bright entrance hall and serves both the living rooms and the discreetly secluded toilets. Guests can unload their coats in the cupboard near the front door, enjoy the full depth of the flat thanks to the play of glass, and settle down in the sitting area around the fireplace while chatting with the head chef of the day. The small bathroom has nothing to hide, it fits perfectly into the whole flat and proudly displays its uniqueness. The kitchen is open to the living space while keeping its own identity, it is bounded by the bar and the glass roof and can accommodate up to 6 guests around the worktop. The bedroom/dressing room accessible by a charming little staircase is on the 1st floor with a bed under the stars.
A romantic pied-à-terre for Jérémy and Julien which has the charm of urban cabins and a taste of rediscovered childhood.