The story begins with this little message received on 9 December 2013:
« Hello, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the acquisition of a small, even microscopic, studio in Place Sainte Catherine in the heart of the Marais. If it is done, I would like to meet you in order to leave you the keys of this palace. I dream of having a « chez Juliette » but « chez Catherine », how do I go about it? Thank you in advance, Sincerely, Catherine L. »

Living in 11.3 m2 square law as in a palace. Nothing could be more natural for Catherine who evolves in the world of haute couture. Luxury and elegance are her everyday life with this touch of simplicity, exuberance and fantasy that give her absolute charm. Is it the habit of travelling the world and living in hotel rooms that led her to fall in love with this mini area in the heart of Paris? A sweet madness for her entourage but she wanted to be precisely « there » and nowhere else. Doesn’t it always take that little dose of unconsciousness, that touch of utopia and that zest of stubbornness to make dreams come true? In any case, this is what I immediately liked about the beautiful Catherine. The specifications were quite extravagant considering the exiguity of the place but she trusted me completely. So I had no choice. I had to live up to the dream.
Catherine was my source of inspiration, my model, for this cabin-cabin. I made the pattern, carved and adjusted the dollhouse to these aspirations, guided by her softness, femininity and refinement. From the custom-made in every detail, to the colours that have been specially created for her.
When treated with consideration, without prejudice and a priori, they can surprise you and reveal their hidden dimension. I believe that this was the case for this small palace which today houses Catherine and her cat Eliott.