Sae-Kyung’s home – 25m2

Paris 9e, 2021


Schöner Wohnen, March 2023
Elle Décoration, April 2022

25 m2 in the sky of Paris. A 180° view of the roofs of Paris, the Eiffel Tower and the Sacré Coeur.
Having recovered the attic space changed everything for this small flat with a generous view.
We gained height and gave character to the whole by playing with transparency and colours. The entrance allows you to store your belongings discreetly in a cupboard that blends into the wall and hides the toilet.
To access the mezzanine, which offers additional sleeping space, I designed a piece of furniture with multiple functions, as I like them, which blossoms in the living room: library, desk and staircase. Practical and beautiful. The small glass roof on the mezzanine and the bookcase with its columns stretch the height of the room. And the little bench/bed that allows the staircase to sit well, acts as a sofa and has fun looking a bit pretentious with a Frey Indian

Photos © Stephan Julliard
Photos © Grégory Timsit