Sae-Kyung’s home

25 m2 in the sky of Paris. A 180° view of the roofs of Paris, the Eiffel Tower and the Sacré Coeur. Having recovered the attic space changed everything for this small flat with a generous view. We gained height and gave character to the whole by playing with transparency and colours. The entrance allows you to store your belongings discreetly in a cupboard that blends into the wall and hides the toilet.
To access the mezzanine, which offers additional sleeping space, I designed a piece of furniture with multiple functions, as I like them, which blossoms in the living room: library, desk and staircase. Practical and beautiful. The small glass roof on the mezzanine and the bookcase with its columns stretch the height of the room. And the small bench/bed that allows the staircase to sit well, acts as a sofa and has fun giving itself a slightly pretentious air with an Indian from Frey.
The kitchen has a sideboard inspired by family furniture with turned wooden legs, decorative panels on the doors, and a worktop to place the appliances and serve as a side table. The cement tiles, left over from a previous project, have naturally found their place. The large antique mirror gives a nice depth to this room.
In the bedroom, the blades of a fan turn on hot days to stir the air. A number of cupboards run around the room so that there is no lack of storage space, including above the bed. Waking up to breakfast in bed and admiring the breathtaking view is highly recommended. Above the bed, a large enigmatic portrait found in an antique shop watches over the house, like a benevolent ghost emerging from the wall. In the spirit of an old window, the glass roof still allows the view and the light to escape, just like the glass doors.
In the small bathroom that opens onto the bedroom, everything is designed to offer maximum comfort despite the small surface area. The zelliges on the walls playfully respond with hints of green to the cement tiles on the floor. Noble materials and simplicity give the allure. On the two small balconies, the plants have been carefully chosen to sway in the wind and add a note of poetry to the whole.