Anne-Marie’s home – 11m2

Paris 11e, 2015

Elle Deco, April 2016

Surfing on the air of the times, not being hindered by surfaces that weigh down your wallet and head, having a sea legs and a mini suite in every port, this is a new way of life: light and free. My lifelong friend, Anne-Marie, has understood this. She wanted a home port in the 11e arrondissement with precise specifications: no neighbours, a view over the rooftops of Paris, sunshine and calm. She hadn’t planned so small – I can still see her wondering a few weeks earlier how we could live in 11 m2 when I did the mini palace for Catherine – but apart from this detail, everything was there. The impulse overcame reason: it was going to be the perched cabin! It’s up to me to invent the missing m2 … I had carte blanche to bring in all the comforts of life for a regular visitor to large Brussels flats: a dressing room, a bedroom/reading area under the roof, a living room with an extra sofa/bed, a desk, an entrance hall with its cupboard, the kitchen and the bathroom.
Soft colours to temper the bubbly character of my artist friend and envelop her in a cloud of serenity. Walls that reflect the works of the mistress of the house and respond to the blues of the surrounding skies. An unbridled hunt at the slightest inch to exploit. An absolute necessity to go to the essential and not to get in the way of the superfluous. How to live in 11 m2? Quite well!

Photos © Marie-Pierre Morel