our offices – 45m2 Paris 11e, 2018

Coté Paris, april / may 2018

Our offices have moved to Bastille! For several months, we searched for a courtyard studio to set up more comfortably near our work sites in the 11th arrondissement. As if to thumb our nose at our ambitions, we ended up in a charming, typically Parisian flat on the fourth floor of a slightly tired building, a stone’s throw from our canteen “le Café de l’Industrie”, closer to the sky than the ground.
Perhaps our unconscious is doing things right? But in the end, I think we are happier to work in our perched nest, less exposed to passers-by and more secluded, in the shadow of the genius of Liberty perched on its column that blows its wind of creativity over the neighbourhood. Our offices thus resemble the informal, personal and intimate living spaces that we like to imagine for our clients and friends in a confidential manner. And wanting to meet with us has to be earned

Photos © Marie-Pierre Morel
Photos © Grégory Timsit