Jason and Malik’s home — 110m2

Paris 3e, 2024

Elle Deco, April 2024

The new owner and his partner had clearly expressed their preference for a style full of poetry and extravagance, and a touch of nostalgia with references to the past. I can hear his words echoing: “Mention Madeleine Castaing, Georges Geoffroy, Victor Grandpierre and my eyes glisten, but the mention of Prouvé, Giacometti and Le Corbusier bores me to tears. Too austere!” If frivolity is essential to morale, it’s a serious matter, especially as it mobilises various workers and craftsmen in the service of beauty in a collective enterprise. I couldn’t help but be carried away by this sensitive and romantic vision. Giving oneself the right to approach frivolity not as a superficial, light-hearted word but, on the contrary, claiming it as a necessity to combat a dark and chaotic period, was probably the driving force behind this adventure. The tone was set for a flat that had to be playful, warm, soft, daring, colourful, sophisticated and refined, with a touch of retro and nostalgia, where we could live withdrawn from the world as if in a timeless, protective family home, far removed from the criteria of fashion and the trends of the present. Like a tailor-made garment for a personality with special characteristics, certain choices were dictated by the owner’s Asian origins: the design of the glass roof, the Delft blue plates, highlighting the collection of works of art, furniture and objects of Korean origin of exceptional quality. The wallpapers in the bedrooms bring back childhood memories. This flat reflects our aspirations to invent an imaginary and poetic world, with an emphasis on fantasy, delicacy and lightness.

Photos © Grégory Timsit