Bambi’s home – 35m2

Paris 1e, 2023

Presse & books
Ali Heath, Create : at home wilth Old and New, Mitchell Beazley Edition, June 2023, 224 p.

In a small flat, how do you create a feeling of space while at the same time having to fit out a large living room, a bedroom worthy of the name and a comfortable kitchen for entertaining, not forgetting the entrance hall where you can get rid of your outdoor clothes?
Here, the choice was made to open up all the windows to maximise the amount of light but also the number of views to the outside world. The kitchen is completely open to the living room and stands out for its colour, but is discreet in that it hides all its cupboards, offering a kind of extension to the living room, reinforced by the presence of a large mirror above the worktop, which plays with the volumes and has fun blocking the view with a play of reflections. A few paintings on the walls help to blur the boundary between kitchen and living room.
The bedroom has been designed as a glazed hut set into the flat. Made entirely of rough-hewn planks, it provides just enough space for a double bed, a dressing area and a discreet passageway to the bathroom, which is dressed in pink and marble. Both a refuge and a place for observing an interior world, like a mise en abime, it receives subdued indirect light but also gives depth to the whole flat through its through effect.
Playing with perspectives and offering unobstructed views, while at the same time highlighting the uniqueness and specificity of each room, makes the small square metre definitely more lively and livable.

Photos © Grégory Timsit