Xavier and Chelo’s home — 25 m2
Paris 6e, 2019

AD Russia, June 2021
Elle Deco Germany, March/ April 2021
House&garden, April 2021
CASAfacile, March 2021
Le vif weekend, September 2020

The entire space of only 25 m2, recently renovated, has been completely redesigned. The single room, more suited to a student’s life, was transformed into a mini-apartment with its own entrance, kitchen, living room, bedroom with dressing room and office area and bathroom, while taking advantage of the smallest nooks and crannies to create storage space. Located on a dark first floor, it was necessary to optimise the circulation of light throughout the flat. We played with transparency by creating a glass roof that separates the entrance from the kitchen and an interior window between the living room and the bedroom so that both the eyes and the light could escape and push back the walls. Each room has found its own identity thanks to a colour palette that gives rhythm. From an all-purpose cube, we have transformed this place into a real flat that offers the comfort of a personalised hotel suite and allows Xavier and Chelo to feel truly at home in this unique area of Paris.

Photos © Stephan Julliard