Robin’s home – 25m2

Paris 9e, 2011

Prima maison, September/ October 2014
AD Chine, March 2014
AD Russie, February 2013
Coté Paris, September 2012

Of course ! Robin has in his 25 m2 an entrance hall, a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, an office, a sleeping area where he sleeps very well even if it overlooks the former Grand Guignol theatre. And… an original niche which has found a Godin stove! With a view over the rooftops of Paris and the former artists’ studios in the small romantic garden. The feeling of being in a Colette’s novel outside of time as we find ourselves in one of the most “hectic” districts of Paris between Pigalle and Saint Georges. This renovation will have lasted the summer with a complete restructuring. The kitchen has been placed in the centre in order to delimit the living room/bedroom/work areas and to allow light to circulate thanks to the glass canopies.

Photos © Stefan Julliard
Photos © Jean-Marc Palisse