Pauline’s home – 25m2

Paris 11e, 2013

Prima maison, November 2015
Schöner Wohnen, May 2015
Elle Deco Croatia, 2015
Dcasa, November 2014
Elle Deco, September 2014

When Pauline contacted me to do an internship, we didn’t think we would have so many adventures together. After redesigning my site and creating my e-shop with her lover, I helped her rethink the volumes of her small flat under the roof. We made a clean sweep of the existing building to start again on a blank page: above the living room, we recovered all the height of the attic by removing the old ceiling, then once the walls were knocked down, the different living spaces were redistributed. Pauline wanted a kitchen that was as spacious as possible with a large bar to receive all her friends and keep her bed under the attic with, if possible, a small reading/sleeping area under the skylight to watch the clouds pass by. We have added a desk/library with wardrobes on either side as well as in the small entrance hall and a sitting area with a colourful mini sofa. The wooden staircase that runs above the kitchen worktop and the painted floor give this small flat all its character.

Photos © Stefan Julliard