Katharina and Jean-Cyril’s home – 25m2

Paris 3e, 2015

A 25 m2 Parisian pied-à-terre for Katharina and Jean-Cyril near the Marché des Enfants Rouges so that they can eat a couscous at Omar’s, seeds at Nanashi’s, pancakes at Café Breitz, a sandwich at Caractère de Cochon or a dish of the day that fits the body at Le Bougnat. Afterwards, to aid digestion, a short walk according to your mood to the Hunting Museum, the Picasso Museum, the Carnavalet Museum, Beaubourg or the surrounding galleries (not forgetting the Swiss and Swedish cultural centres). And then, a short diversion to the BHV hardware department to stay connected to the little worries of everyday life. And on days of decadence and frivolity, a snack at Merci or Plisson. We are in the epicentre of Paris, the 7th heaven for the trendy city dweller

Photos © Marie-Pierre Morel