I have known Lola and Joseph since they were teenagers. Together we had thought about their respective rooms during the renovation of their living space orchestrated by their parents. Joseph was already making music and wanted to have long work surfaces for his record collection and instruments. Lola wanted to put a piece of art on the walls that had been given to her for her birthday and dreamed of pushing back the walls of her little childhood bedroom.
The two of them were already accomplices.
As young adults, they decided to live together in a large flat rather than living separately in small flats. After finding the rare gem at the end of a cul-de-sac in the 11th arrondissement, they came knocking on my door to redistribute and renovate the flat. The instructions were simple: each person to have their own private space, a common space including the kitchen, a linen room and a guest toilet. A holiday spirit, keeping the exposed stones and the beams in the living room.
The 90 m2 lent itself well to the game of redistribution. The kitchen became Joseph’s bedroom with an adjoining bathroom. At the other end, a room of the same size for Lola with its dressing room and bathroom. And between the two, a vast sharing space consisting of an open kitchen, a large living room with fireplace and a small linen room with guest toilet. Lola and Joseph each have a small terrace overlooking the courtyard, which gives this place such a unique character: half workshop, half house! It is hard to imagine that we are in a district of Paris that is overflowing with activity. It feels more like the end of the world.